Yoga for beginners,

Easy yoga,pranayama and meditation,

Yoga ttc in india,

Yoga therapy


Advance breathing technique workshops

Ashtanga yoga

Hatha yoga,

Kundalini yoga,

Chakra meditation,

Mantra yoga,

Bhakti yoga,

Nada yoga,

Prakriti laya yoga,

Surya yog

Karma yoga,

Gyan yoga,

Patanjali yogasutras,

Bhagwat geeta lessons,

Yoga retreats [ for beginners and experinenced people both]

Yoga philosophy seminars

Vedanta philosophy seminars

Vedic chanting classes, and many more things

Upcoming events

Yoga TTC [200hours] -
Starting from 1st Day of Every Month.

Yoga ttc[500 hours] -
Please Contact through Email

Yoga therapy Camp -
Please Send Detail About Your Disease through Email

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Our Teachers

Mr.Vimal Sharma

Mr.Vimal sharma a well known yoga teachers who teaches Himalayan tradition yoga, has done Yoga ttc and teaching since 12 years.

  Mr Ravi Bishta

 Mr Ravi bishta who is a ashtanga yoga and beginners yoga teacher in our institute.


Mr Stevie Ray

Mr Stevie Ray from new york-He is hatha yoga,ayangar yoga,ashtanga vinyasa yoga and many other style of yoga he teachesa, he has done 500 hours yoga ttc.


Dr kavita vyas

She is Msc yoga, and MD ayurveda, she teaches Bhakti yoga and Gyan yoga mainly.Also she takes Vedanta and yoga philosophy classes.